One of the best "equalizers" left on the planet remain American jury trials.

Brad D. Hall is a sole practitioner practicing in New Mexico and Montana. Certain types of cases are best handled with co-counsel, and a trial team of any size can be assembled, if needed. For example, over the past fifteen years, trial teams of up to four lawyers and six support staff have been assembled for multi-week trials. More often, your case will be handled with the focused attention of Mr. Hall and his team, or with selected co-counsel.

For nearly thirty years, Brad D. Hall has litigated for individuals and against big insurance companies, institutions, and government.

For press releases, office news, copies of selected documents or pleadings, or links to news or legal articles, call us at (505) 255-6300 or email Brad at

Brad D. Hall spends time each year in southwest Montana in his log "home office", working on cases in both New Mexico and Montana.

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